Cloudtouching / Chmurdotykanie

Dotknij / Touch...

The project

Have you ever touched the clouds? No, it is not about the contact with the clouds while looking at them from the windows of a passenger plane (although this one is also fascinating) but about a situation where you fly into the air without restrictions, and fly until a cold cloud surrounds you and you feel its moisture on your face. At such moments the universe ceases to exist… And then everything slowly shines and suddenly you have the whole world within your reach, being hanging in space a thousand or more meters above the ground… What do I feel when I touch the clouds? What do I feel when flying?

The project was born out of a combination of my love for music and my passion for flying, space, mountains and the forces of nature. With music, I try to convey the emotions that accompany me when I hover in the air and cross the space, driven only by my own will and the energy of the sun transformed into the force of air currents. I would like you to find here the beautiful views and adventure, but also euphoria, adrenaline, fear, getting lost and found, the joy of doing something together, competition, or memories of the journeys, and above all: the beauty of moving freely in three dimensions. All of these emotions in me, combined with the music, it could not be anything else – it had to be Cloudtouching!